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Welcome to your constantly updated resource for news and views on the Brookline Real Estate market. Here you will find commentary and statistics to explain the daily changes in the Brookline specific housing market.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Best Comment Ever in a Real Estate Blog

A poster on the Globe's real estate blog just posted the following comment following 17 posts of bickering. The comment is too good not to share. Enjoy!

To the uninitiated I offer a way to translate all of the real estate blogs:
"Now is the perfect time to buy" means I am a Realtor. "Now is a terrible time to buy" means that I have been waiting for houses to come down 30% for the last 15 years. "The housing bubble is the fault of greedy brokers and bankers" means I am a liberal. "The housing bubble was caused by people borrowing more than they could afford" means that I am a conservative."The housing bubble, like all things, will pass" means I am older than 30. "We have it tougher than anyone in history" means I am younger than 30. "Houses are too expensive" means I resent not being able to live as well as my parents do now. "Everyone is leaving Mass." means that I have been thinking about going to a state where no one will recognize me working at Starbucks. "The credit crunch will end life as we know it" means my parents are refusing to pay for graduate school and I have to get a real job thus ending life as I know it. "Seller's Agents are crooks" means that I think that I could sell my house without a loss if I could just do it for free. "Buyers agents are crooks" mean that I bet that I could afford the house of my dreams if it weren't for broker's commissions. "I know what I am talking about" means that I do not know what I am talking about. If I did, why would I be wasting my time on these blogs?

Please, normal people, run for your lives. The people on these sites are sitting at their terminals with tin foil hats waiting for Hale-Bopp to take them to the planet where houses are free, real estate agents and bankers are persecuted, and guys who play video games and go to Star Trek conventions are elevated to the status of gods. The future is uncertain. It always has been. One more click ain't going to do you any good. Log off and enjoy your life.

-- Comment #18 by "Sagatious Sally"


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